Winston Tucker



A product of Seaward Primary School, Jamaica College in Jamaica West Indies and a graduate in the United States from Baruch College, St. Johns University and Brooklyn Law School with Bachelor of Science, Master of Business Administration and Juris Doctor degree s respectively and of course, as a job description, that he “manufactures Green Cards”.

He has managed to incorporate his Immigration Law practice with the ambitious agenda of The Caribbean Immigrants Services Inc. (CIS), founded by Irwine Clare Sr. and Winston Tucker Esq., to bridge the void caused by the reduction in Government Services to the Immigrant Community and the Caribbean Community in particular.

Winston Tucker’s philosophy, shared by The Caribbean Immigrants Services Inc., is that the strength and effective function of family, businesses, communities and nation are interrelated and closely correlate to their level of participation in the democratic process. As such, the focus continues to be services to the community that will impact their level of participation in their governance, improve their economic circumstances, leading to economic and political empowerment.

This philosophy continues to be relevant because of the emerging and converging situations that remind the advocates among us that the attacks on immigration/migrant population, those searching for opportunities and socio-economic security, are not over. We are reminded that people will continue to gravitate to geographic areas that hold the promise for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

They will move to areas that afford them the chance to recover from failed International and local policies and experiments. Immigration therefore, is the responsibility of host and home governments. Both must be lobbied. His community advocacy is realized primarily through the Caribbean Immigrants Services Inc. and their “one stop empowerment center” concept. This concept is taken into the community at home and abroad, through a network of churches, Community service organizations, clubs and media is an example of community empowerment through collective action.

This advocacy that pushes legalizing the undocumented and naturalizing legal permanent residents, in a world where Government downsizing and or re-engineering is placing emphasis on private enterprise and self-reliance, makes the community out reach efforts of Winston Tucker and The Caribbean Immigrants Services Inc. an important and necessary catalyst for our community and full participation in the democratic process in the coming years.

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